Contest 015: Everything I Know I Learned in Minecraft

Blog entry posted by SonicSNES, Sep 4, 2010.

Welcome back to the weekly Team9000 Contest!

1600 XBL Points, $20 PSN Credit, 2000 Wii Points, or $20 Amazon Gift Card (Winner Choice)

How To Enter
To enter this week's contest, you need to post an image of something you built on the Team9000 Minecraft server. Minecraft is completely free, and all you need to do to join is click this link, login, then click the link again (after logging in). For full details on joining our Minecraft server, click here.

Did you build something amazin? Is it just one block on the ground? It doesn't matter! The winner will be announced this Saturday night on Team9000 LIVE.

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Have fun!

  • One entry per person
  • Winner will be contacted at the email address associated with their forum account
  • Winner must claim prize within two weeks
  • Entries must be submitted by 7:00 PM CDT on Saturday 9/11/10
  • Team9000 broadcasting team and associates are not permitted to win (but may enter for fun)

The contest winner will be announced live on Team9000 LIVE the night of Saturday 9/11/10
And don't forget, even if you don't win this one, another contest will go up next Sunday! Check back each week for more prizes.

Good luck :D

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  1. SonicSNES
    The winner of this weeks contest is [B]vidmaster121[/B]! Congrats :D. You will be contacted shortly with information on how to redeem your prize.

    See you tomorrow for the next contest everyone!
  2. corey72723
  3. corey72723
    After 4 hours, I build the WHOLE THING FROM [B][SIZE="7"]SCRATCH.[/SIZE][/B]










  4. xamy
    Model of Discovery (2001: Odyssee)


    Villa with a modern Yacht (mash up of interiors)
  5. lazyaznsing
    Kon, the Mighty TeddyLion of Kick ass.

  6. ildavar
    built my akuma underground[IMG][/IMG] i was going to post this as proof that it wasnt me grieving some imaginary castle they were making up, i ended up deleting around 15thousand blocks
    and here's the finished sprite [IMG][/IMG]
    I'm currently making the whole sf3 roster [IMG][/IMG]
  7. nero201
    Located in a corner of City
  8. caiocontieri
    Sonic Sprite by caiocontieri[BR]

  9. ketchupbomb
    Carved out a huge cavern and built a rocketship, bicycle and birthcake inside.

    edit: with the generous help of treadstone73 and treadstone74!!
  10. RicardoForce